Create a Fantasy Warrior Painting From Scratch

by on August 5, 2013

Let's face it - everyone likes fantasy. And girls. And fantasy girls. Not everyone can draw them though. Follow this tutorial and hopefully you'll learn a lot about painting your own fantasy character!

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Create a Romantic and Warm Portrait Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

by on July 29, 2013

Create this warm and sensual photo manipulation by combining photos, blending them, and adding a warm color effect. This tutorial will cover advanced photo manipulation techniques such as quick masking, color matching, and nondestructive dodging and burning.

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Create a Mysterious Scene with Planets

by on July 22, 2013

Create this surreal scene of an obscure scene with planets in the background. In this detailed tutorial, you'll learn how to create a surreal landscape, add a mysterious glowing light, and finish it with trees and a family in the foreground.

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Freebie: 8 Special Effects for Photos

by on July 17, 2013

Looking for some fun photo effects? This set of 8 Photoshop actions will let you apply a variety of effects such as Harris Shutter, pencil sketch, digital display, and more. These actions are excitingly easy to use - play the action and all 8 effects will be created for you automatically!

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How to Turn an Ordinary Landscape into a Dramatic Moonscape

by on July 15, 2013

Create this dramatic moonscape in Photoshop! In this tutorial you’ll learn how to transform ordinary photo into a dramatic landscape by adding different light sources, creating depth and changing color schemes. Let’s get started.

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