Create an Amazing CG Illustration of The Incredible Hulk

by on October 13, 2013

Digital painting is an incredible way of creating awesome arts. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a hulk digital painting by following these simple steps. Here, I will share some fundamental techniques used while creating this painting.

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Quick Tip: How to Create Fun Spirographs and Fractals

by on October 10, 2013

Spirographs and fractals look complicated but are actually very easy to create - it only takes a bit of experimentation. These fractals then can be used as artwork itself or as elements in photo manipulations, backgrounds, and graphic design related works.

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Free Download: File Manager IOS App Kit by PixelKit

by on October 7, 2013

Creating an app? Download this free PSD from PixelKit! This premium UI kit contains several UI kits in a single PSD and you can use it to help design your app faster.

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How to Create a Stunning Surreal Landscape

by on October 7, 2013

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn in easy and simple steps how to create a surreal environment. We’ll cover techniques such as blending elements together with non-destructive techniques, using blur to create distance between the objects, and much more.

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Quick-Tip: How to Make an Easy Faux Pencil Sketch Effect

by on October 2, 2013

Looking for a quick way to turn photos into a pencil sketch? This beginner tutorial will show you how you can use just three layers to create the effect and it’s all done nondestructively.

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