Creating an Animation

Step 1

Open a DICOM file. Open the File menu and select Open. Browse for a DICOM file (.dc3, .dcm, .dic, or no extension) and click OK

Step 2

Press the Select All button to select all the frames. In the Frame Import Options, choose Import frames as layers. Apply any other settings needed then click OK.

DICOM Window

Step 3

You should now have each frame as layers. Select all the layers by pressing Alt+Ctrl+A or going into the Select menu and choosing All Layers.

Frames as Layers

Step 4

Open the Animation window by going into the Window menu and selecting Animation.

Photoshop Animation Pallet

Step 5

In the Animation pallet, click on the flyout button located near the top right to open the flyout menu. In the flyout menu, select Make Frames From Layers.

Make Frames From Layers

Step 6

If the Animation window is not in Frame view, press the Frame View button to convert the animation into a frame animation. If it’s already in frame view, you can skip this step.

Timeline vs Frames

Step 7

Now we need to set how many times it should loop. Click on the bottom right menu to select how the animation should loop. To have the animation loop forever, select Forever.

Loop Forever

Step 8

To save the animation as an animated GIF file, use the Save for Web & Devices tool. To open the Save for Web & Devices tool, press Shift+Ctrl+S or open the File menu and select Save for Web & Devices. In the Save for Web & Devices tool, Select a GIF preset and modify the settings if necessary. Click the Save button when you are ready to save.

Photoshop Save for Web & Devices

Final Results

Heart Animation