Rusted Metal Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1

Open a photo into Photoshop. This is the image that will be used for this tutorial:

Step 2

First, we’ll create the metal texture. Start by creating a new layer (Layer> New> Layer) and name this layer “Metal”.

Step 3

To create the metal texture, we’ll fill the layer with the base color: 50% gray. To do this, use the Fill tool (Edit> Fill or Ctrl+F5). Select 50% Gray from the drop down menu and click OK.

Step 4

Then, use the Add Noise filter (Filter> Noise> Add Noise). Adjust the amount to increase or decrease the amount of noise added. The more noise you add, the more texture there will be in the metal texture. We recommend using 12.5% to start.

Step 5

Open the Filter> Blur menu and select Motion Blur. In the Motion Blur window, adjust the angle and the distance to achieve your desired result for the metal texture. The angle setting will change the angle of the grain and the distance setting will change the length of the grain.