Step 6

Open the second crocodile photography. We will use this crocodile’s torso for the front of the car and his back will be the texture that we will use to cover the entire car. Also his back leg will be in front of the back wheel.


Cut out the leg and place it in front of the back wheel. Use the image below for guidance. The fingers are in the light but this is not possible since the leg sits in the car’s shadow. Go to the adjustment layers-curves and add some shadow to the foot. This layer needs to be a clipped to the foot’s layer.



Step 7

Open the second crocodile photo again and place it in front of the car. Using the layer’s mask erase all the parts that you don’t need. Be careful to leave the front wheel uncovered.



We need to create 3 clipping masks to adjust the crocodile’s colors, so go to the Adjustment layers-Photo filter, Adjustment layers-Color balance ( use the presets as you see below) and Adjustment layers-Hue/saturation.




Step 8

In this step we will cover the car with crocodile texture. For this we will use the texture from the crocodile’s back, so using the pen tool cut out the back the marked part.


Clip this part to the car’s layer and leave only the part that covers the door. Remember to leave out the upper wheel. This wheel casts a shadow on the door so using the burn tool we will create that shadow. Use the image below for guidance.


Now we will cover the roof top of the car using the same crocodile texture we used for the door. Place it on top of the roof and clip it to the car’s layer. Erase the part that covers anything else but the roof top. Next change the blending mode to soft light.


Now we will need to cover up the metallic line under the windows, so we will use the same texture but we will change the blending mode to overlay.


Next we will cover the back door using the same texture, clipped to the car’s layer. Go to the adjustment layers-curves to darken the back door.



Now you see that there is a small part of the car’s hood that remains uncovered. Cut out the back of the crocodile. We will use the same texture to cover the part in front of the windows .This layer should be placed under the crocodile’s one. Erase on the layer’s mask some parts to fit better.


Return to the crocodile’s layer to cut out the texture on his back one more time. We will only need two rounds of spikes to cover the car’s hood. After you position the texture, use some burn to add some shadow. Duplicate this layer and place it under the first one. Use the image below to see how this should look.



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  2. What on earth is this supposed to be its not surreal its just stupid. What a waste of time. Surprised that this was even considered to be a credible tutorial.Absolute pants!