Combine a Crocodile with a Car to Create an Exotic Crocomobile 3.00/5 (60.00%) 2 votes

Step 17

Next let’s create the sign in the back. Place the first piece in the back and add some curves to lighten it. Write the word Nowhere and clip it on the sign’s layer.


AOpen the second piece of the sign and place it under the first piece layer. Merge the two layers and duplicate the new layer. Flip it vertically and distort it so it will look like in the image below. Set the layer’s opacity to about 10%.


Step 18

Go to the Adjustment layers- Hue Saturation. Set the saturation to +47. Hide on the layer’s mask some parts , as you see in the image.


Step 19

Use the Lucis Art plug-in one more time ( Filter-High Pass, for those who don’t have it). Use it only on the sign, on the crocodile’s texture and the sky. Set the layer’s opacity to 39%.


Step 20

Go to the Adjustment layers- Curves to add some shadows into the corners. Do the same with Hue-Saturation. Use the same mask on both layers.



Step 21

Go to the Adjustment layers-Levels (opacity 30%)


Step 22

Go to Filters – Liquify and fix the roof top because it’s bit to high and the perspective it’s not right.


Step 23

In this step we will make the wheels look like they are spinning. Cut out the wheel. Go to Filters-Blur-Radial blur. Place it on top of the car’s wheel. Do the same with the back wheel.


Step 24

Create a visible stamp. Go to Filters- Blur-Motion blur (set the amount to 50 and the angle to 10). This filter will be used at the back of the car so it will look like the car is moving.


Step 25

Go to the Adjustment Layers-Gradient map. You have the presets below.


Step 26

Blur the mountains in the back. Use the blur tool or go to Filters-Gaussian blur.


Step 27

Create a visible stamp and go to Filter-Filter Gallery –Dry Brush. Use the basic Photoshop presets. Set the layer’s opacity to 18%.


Step 28

Go to the Adjustment Layers-Curves.


Adjustment Layers- Hue Saturation, for a final touch and we are done!


Final Results

Crocodile Car

Download the PSD


Crocodile | 20 MB

Tutorial by Loredana Papp

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– Loredana Papp-Dinea