Step 31

We notice that the background it is too saturated so we will use a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to desaturate it. We also want to increase the saturation of our 3D pictures and of our character skin so we will use a Vibrance adjustment layer.


Step 32

Let’s darken the scene a little. We will use two adjustment layers, one set to normal and one set to multiply blend mode. You will notice that I masked away the 3D pictures and the characters face so they will not be affected by the darkening .


Step 33

Now we will lighten the pictures and also the space around them. Add a curves adjustment layer and fill the mask with black. Using a white soft brush mask over the 3D pictures and the face in the layer mask. Because we are using a white brush on a black background we are revealing the effects of the curves adjustment layer only in the white and gray areas. Remember that black conceals and white reveals.