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In this tutorial you will learn advanced tips to create different shapes made from fire and how to use filters, adjustment layers and masks to create this stunning effect.

Preview of Final Results


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Wings of Fire.zip | 20.7 MB
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Wings of Fire Photoshop Tutorial


Step 1

The first step is to open the girl’s image and crop it. We need more space for the fire wings and this is not enough.

Step 2

Now that we have the needed space our initial image is a bit small so cut out the middle part of the floor and place it in both lower corners.Create a mask and, with a brush, remove the edges so it will blend in.

Step 3

With dodge and burn add some highlights and shadow on the model.

Step 4

Cut out the model (use the pen tool ) and delete the background.

Step 5

Next we will add the new background. Since it is to small for our large surface we need to enlarge it, so CTRL+J to duplicate the layer. Add a mask and erase the edges.

Go to Filters-Blur-Gaussian Blur (radius 5 px ) to give the background more depth.

Now it looks a bit to symmetrical but this can be resolved easily with the clone stamp brush.

Step 6

The background is dark and our model is too light so to blend her in we need to make her darker. Go to Adjustment Layers – Curves and use the presets like in the image below. Use the Curves on a clipping mask.


  1. Hello Loredana Papp,

    You are simple Awsome. I don’t have words to praise you. I become a huge fan of yours now. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful and creative art :)