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Wings of Fire Photoshop Tutorial


Step 1

The first step is to open the girl’s image and crop it. We need more space for the fire wings and this is not enough.

Step 2

Now that we have the needed space our initial image is a bit small so cut out the middle part of the floor and place it in both lower corners.Create a mask and, with a brush, remove the edges so it will blend in.

Step 3

With dodge and burn add some highlights and shadow on the model.

Step 4

Cut out the model (use the pen tool ) and delete the background.

Step 5

Next we will add the new background. Since it is to small for our large surface we need to enlarge it, so CTRL+J to duplicate the layer. Add a mask and erase the edges.

Go to Filters-Blur-Gaussian Blur (radius 5 px ) to give the background more depth.

Now it looks a bit to symmetrical but this can be resolved easily with the clone stamp brush.

Step 6

The background is dark and our model is too light so to blend her in we need to make her darker. Go to Adjustment Layers – Curves and use the presets like in the image below. Use the Curves on a clipping mask.