Step 14 (Adding path)

Now we will add a path to the scene. Open the garden stock image on the document. scale the size and locate it in front of the stone house.


Mask the rest of the image so that only the path is revealed:


Step 15 (adding highlight to the foregrounds)

By consideration that the light comes intensely from the back centered source, it will be casted on some areas in the foregrounds. To define this phenomenon, we will add some highlight on the areas where the light should be casted. Go back to the foreground 1 group. Then, create a new layer above the foreground layer within the group. Remember to create a clipping mask for this layer and name it highlight. Choose a very soft round brush set to 10-20% opacity. now, with the highlight layer selected, paint soft white color on the edges of the foreground which is marked in blue as shown in the screenshot:


Proceed to create some highlight on the other foregrounds:


Step 16 (preparing a tree house)

We will add a tree house to the main document. Here are the step we should do to prepare the house. Firstly, open again the fairy house stock image. Cut out the stem part featured in the image. Use Lasso Tool for this purpose.


Also, open the garden stock image and cut out one of the shape (marked in blue) featured in the image:


Open another stock image. Cut out the door of the image. Try to create the shape of the door as the one shown in the screenshot:


Step 17 (creating a tree house in the scene)

After preparing the objects of the tree house, in this step, we will combine the objects to be manipulate into a single tree house. Start by adding the stem to the main document. Scale the size and place it where needed.


Then, add the shape to the document. Place it on the top of the stem. As usual, scale the size accordingly. Mask some unneeded part of the stem.


Then, add the door to the tree house. Give this door layer a layer style by going to Layer > Layer Styles > Bevel and Emboss:


Finally, to make the tree house more decorative, add some vines to it. Select all the tree house layers and hit Ctrl+G to group them. Here is the result should be:


Step 18 (adding highlight on the tree house)

To define the casted light, we will also add some highlight on the tree house. Please refer back to the previous step 15 on how to do this purpose.


Step 19 (adding distant tree and stone houses)

In this step, we will add more tree houses to fill the distant space of scene composition. To do this, just duplicate the main tree house group layer three times. Scale the size of the duplications accordingly and place them in the space area behind the main stone house image. Vary the opacity of each duplication between 9-35% depending on the distance and depth they should convey. For example, the smallest tree house is set to 9% opacity at normal blending, the middle one is 15% and 38% for the biggest one. Mask each group a bit where needed:


Do similar way to add more distant stone houses:


Step 20 (adding farthest background)

There is still much empty space behind the main stone house. In this step, we will ‘enrich’ the composition of the scene by adding more background objects to fill the empty space. To achieve this purpose, we will use the same image used as the foreground in the previous steps. Duplicate (Ctrl+J) the layer containing the image used as the foreground. We can choose any layer from one of the four foreground groups previously made. After choosing and duplicating the layer, scale the size and place the duplication layer above the gradient background layer in the layer panel. Hide some parts of the layer by masking it and set its blending to normal at 65% opacity.


Add another background on the other side. For the second background object, set its blending to normal at 30% opacity:



  1. damn haha, took forever!! Amazing tutorial, I wouldn’t normally do something like this, but I need to step out of my comfort zone and learn something I may never use.


    Amazing feeling to finish something like this lol

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