Step 24

Now, switch back to the previous brush settings from step 11. Grab Brush Tool(B). Pick white color. Then create new layer above all layers, change it’s Blending Mode to Soft Light and softly enhance her body and clothing as shown below (green light indicates where to paint). This should help her stand out more from the dark environment.


Step 25

Open the image of red chiffon and place it above all layers. By the way you can rotate it (Ctrl+T) to create a good flow position.


Step 26

Next, change its Blending Mode to Hard Light.


Step 27

Hit Ctrl+U (Hue/Saturation) and apply following settings to this chiffon layer.


Step 28

Now as you can see it look almost transparent, so add a Layer Mask to the chiffon layer grab Brush Tool (B), pick black color and erase all the visible black image edges, as well as some of the chiffon.


Step 29

Repeat previous step as many times as you need and create a nice connected “smoke” effect, by mixing those chiffons.


Step 30

Next, open one of the fire images. Grab Lasso Tool (L) and create a rough selection as you see below. Hit Ctrl+C to copy.


Step 31

Paste it above the chiffon layers and change its Blending Mode to Screen.


Step 32

Create a Layer Mask and paint on it with hard black brush to get rid of the visible edges.

Hint: never use a very soft brush while erasing fire, it will lose the sparkle.


Step 33

Use as much fire stocks as you want, the better variation, the better result. Make some erasing in each one and try to achieve a certain shape. The best way is just to follow the smoke.


Step 34

So this is how it looks after proper erasing, it’s kind of time-consuming process, but if you do this patiently, you will achieve great results. When you’re done, select all those fire layers (simply hold Ctrl and click on their names in Layers Palette, one by one until you select them all). Merge them using Ctrl+E and change the Blending Mode again to Screen.