Step 6

We got the mirror floor, but there seems to be a problem with the reflection of the bride and groom. To fix this, we’ll create a separate reflection for them.

First, press Ctrl+J to duplicate the layer. It should only duplicate the layer without the layer mask. If you get another layer with another layer mask, click on the new layer mask then click the trash button in the layers palette to delete it. With the new layer selected, hold the Alt key on your keyboard and click between the top two layers. This will create a clipping mask. A clipping mask uses the layer below as the layer mask.

With the top layer selected, choose the move tool from the toolbar and position the layer so that the reflection matches the foreground objects. In the image below, the layer was positioned so that the bottom of the bride and groom in the two layers meet.

Step 7

Use one of the selection tools, such as the quick selection tool, to create a selection of the object’s reflection.

Click on the add layer mask button and you should now get a proper reflection like the image below.

Step 8

Now we’ll need to create a mask for both the layers. You can only add one raster layer mask per layer, but here’s a trick to add more than one layer mask. First, select Layer 1 and choose Layer > Group Layers. This will put the layers inside a folder. Now, select the group and choose Layer > Layer Mask > Hide All. Now you have another layer mask. Your layers should look similar to the image below.