Step 6 – Bottom Part of Mountains

There is missing part of the left mountain. You’ll add it in this step.


Click on the LEFT MOUNTAIN layer and grab the Lasso Tool (L). Select the bottom part of it. Press Ctrl + C to copy the selection and then paste it above the LEFT MOUNTAIN and its adjustment layers.


Name the new layer e.g. BOTTOM MOUNTAIN.

It should be lighter to fit the rest of the image. To do that add new adjustment layer Levels above the BOTTOM MOUNTAIN and set the Input Levels on 0; 1,49; 255. Create clipping mask from it to adjust only one layer below not the whole image.

Below you can see how the adjustment affects the layer BOTTOM MOUNTAIN.


Step 7 – Adding Mist

As I mentioned in my previous tutorials I really like using mist because it creates nice fantasy atmosphere in your pictures. You’ll add it in this step.

Create a new layer under the layer BACKGROUND and name it MIST. Install the mist brushes you’ve downloaded in the beginning of the tutorial. If you don’t know how to install brushes you can take a look at this tutorial.

Select one of the brushes you’ve just installed. Hold Alt on your keyboard which activates the Eyedropper Tool and pick some light color from sky or mountain. Then paint mist arround the mountain.

On the following picture you can see how your picture should look so far.


Step 8 – Adjusting the River

If you try to create an impression of space or perspective you need to keep in mind that objects which are closer to the viewer are darker and objects in the distance are lighter. In your manipulation there is no difference in lightness between distant and close objects so far. You’ll fix it quickly in this step.

Add new adjustment layer Levels above the layer BACKGROUND and set the Input Levels on 0; 0,73; 255.


Because you want to the adjustment layer affects only BACKGROUND and not all the layers below right click on it and create a clipping mask from it.

Below you can see how the picture looks with this adjustment. Such a simply step and the image looks more realistic, isn’t it?


Step 9 – Preparing Trees

As you may notice on the finished picture there are rocks arround the river banks. During the creation of the manipulation I decided to added them to make the landscape more extraordinary.

In this step you will move with the trees to create more space for the rocks which will be added in following steps.

Grab the Lasso Tool (L) and select the trees on the left. Click on the BACKGROUND layer and press Ctrl + C to copy the selection and Ctrl + V to paste it. Name the new layer LEFT TREES.

Then select the trees on the righ, copy and paste it and name the new layer RIGHT TREES.


Grab the Move Tool (V) and move with these two new layers up. Add adjustment layer Levels with the Input Levels set on 34;1,00; 229 above RIGHT TREES and create clipping mask from it. Do the same with LEFT TREES.


You should get something like on the following picture after this step.