Step 7

If you used the Color Range selector to create the selection, you may need to do further editing. To make this step easier, hold the Alt key and click on the layer mask to view the layer mask in the document window. In the image below, I used the Eraser tool to erease the hair and used the brush tool to paint the skin. Minor flaws won’t be noticable so you don’t have to be overly precise when painting.

Before and After Layer Mask

Step 8

We’re done smoothing out the uneven tones, but the overall skin tone has been altered. To fix this, we’ll add a Levels adjustment layer to darken the skin back to the natural tone. Click on the Adjustment Layer Button button in the layers pallet and select Levels.

Levels Adjustment Layer

Step 9

In the Levels window, adjust the middle input slider until the skin tone looks correct. A good area to look at while adjusting is the face.

Before and After Photoshop Levels

Final Results

Move your cursor over the images to see the unedited photo.

Flat Skin Photoshop Tutorial

Flat Skin Photoshop Tutorial