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If you have a nice photo of a model, but she or he wasn’t smiling and you want the photo to feature a smiling face, or vice versa, you can use Photoshop to slightly tweak the facial expressions. The key is to be subtle in your approach, unless you are creating a caricature or cartoon. With the Liquify tool, we can create some subtle changes to model photos that can affect the overall mood of the face and therefore affect the mood of the photo.

Step 1

Open up an image of a face. You can save this JPEG image as well to use.


Step 2

Go to Filter>Liquify.


Step 3

Click the Forward Warp tool, which is the top tool on the right-hand side of the liquefy screen. This tool lets us move pixels slightly in order to produce certain effects. Notice at the bottom of the screen, the Hand tool is available for moving around the view of the image, and the Zoom tool is available to zoom in to the image.


Step 4

Notice on the right-hand side of the Liquify screen, we have some more options. After selecting the Forward Ward tool, there are some brush settings there we can change. I have mine set to the default, but it’s a little bit too big of a brush.