Preview of Final Result


2010 Typographic Wallpaper Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1 – Create a new Document

Open Photoshop and create a new image (Ctrl+N or File > New) with the settings shown below.

  • Width: 1440
  • Height: 900
  • Resolution: 72
  • Background Contents: White


Step 2 – Creating Background

To create a striped background, press “D” to reset the color palette to black and white. Then create a new layer and fill the area in with white.

Next, filter the image (Menu > Filter > Sketch >Choose Halftone Pattern) with the settings shown below:

  • Size: 1
  • Contrast: 26
  • Pattern Type: Line


Step 3 – Removing lines

Choose the Magic Wand Tool (W) and click on any area that is white.


Then right click and choose Similar Option. This will now select all white areas.

Next, press “delete” to remove all the white lines.


Step 4 – Expanding the Lines

Expand the lines using the Transform tool (Ctrl + T) to fit your screen.


Step 5 – Rotating Lines

Rotate the lines to -45°. Duplicate the lines and place them next to each other, filling your canvas with lines.


Step 6 – Changing Color

Select the lines and lock transparent pixels from the layers palette. Then change the foreground color to the settings below:

  • R: 22
  • G: 22
  • B: 22