Step 11 – Adding Stroke

Add a stroke effect. This will help blend and finish off the edges of the design.

Follow the settings below and select the stroke color as blue (#23758c).



Step 12 – Duplicating the Design

Add the design to the opposite side of the text. Duplicate the same design on the left side of the text.

Click on the design layer and Press Ctrl + J to duplicate > Press Ctrl + T to transform > Right click on the screen and select Flip Horizontal > Once it’s flipped, move the design to the left side of the text as shown in the final image below.



Step 13 – Adding Glow Effect

Add a light effect to the design to make the flowers glow.

Select brush tool (B) > Right click on the screen and choose soft round 45px brush > Make the brush diameter 70px


Step 14 – Adding Glow Effect

Once you select the brush, make sure that your foreground color is white. Create a new layer and click on the design.


Step 15 – Blending Glow Effect

Blend the glow effect with the design to create a glowing feel. Select the brush layer and choose the blending mode as “Overlay”.


Step 16 – Duplicating the Glow Effect

Add the glow effect to the entire flower design.