Interview with Photo Manipulator Jarka Hrnčárková
Interview with Photo Manipulator Jarka Hrnčárková

If you visit our website frequently, you’ve probably already read many Photoshop tutorials from Jarka; she’s written some of the best tutorials on this website. Jarka is an artist from Czech Republic and focuses on portrait and fashion photography/photo manipulation. In this interview, you’ll see some of Jarka’s work and learn about her inspiration.

Surreal Photo Manipulations Evgenij Soloviev

Evgenij Soloviev is a photo illustrator from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia famous for his surreal photo manipulations. This interview showcases some of his favorite works and inspirations.

Interview with Designer Narendra Keshkar

Narendra Keshkar is a 26 year old artist from Indore, India. He’s always been amused with colors and shapes as a child where he began drawing at a young age. Later, he digitalized his skills and turned his passion into a profession. His thirst for knowledge keeps him busy with experimenting ideas and learning new […]

Justin Mezzell: Designer of Abstract Worlds

Justin Mezzell is a designer from Orlando, Florida who uses music and research to craft the worlds in his artwork. This interview showcases some of his work and explores his inspiration, design process, and future plans.

Interview with Designer and Artist David Cox

David Cox is the founder of, a blog where he shares his graphic design talents online. This young and aspiring designer (only 20 years of age) creates elegant pieces with such detail that the artwork becomes alive. Many will be surprised that David has never gone to school for design or art and is […]

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