Interview with Digital Artist Andy Walsh
Interview with Digital Artist Andy Walsh

Andy Walsh is a 36 year old digital artist from United Kingdom. He creates images through various 2D and 3D methods. He admitted that he was the laziest when he was younger and was always choosing the shortcuts. It took him ten years to finally realize that the only way to get a good career is […]

Interview with Character Designer and Filmmaker Amr Elshamy

In this feature, we bring you a passionate filmmaker who turned into an enthusiastic character designer as he starts loving all kinds of art. He is Amr Elsham living from the "country of the pyramids", Egypt. Let us read on and enjoy how arts change his view in life.

Interview with Illustrator Carlos Dattoli

Carlos Dattoli is a professional illustrator who started painting since he was very little. His passion and determination helped him prepare in his life in art. Let us get to know him more in this interview and witness how incredible his artworks are. Enjoy!

Interview with Visual Artist Alexis Marcou

Since I was young, the first style of art that appealed most to me was graphite sketches. I found the spontaneous and erratic yet controlled method to be very inspiring and I still shudder every time I see one. A few days ago, I had the honor of interviewing an artist who has become a […]

Interview with Visual Designer Wael Abul Hamid Saad

Today, we present to you an artist who is passionate about visual arts and colors that led him to becoming who he is now. He is none other than Wael Abul Hamid Saad, a visual designer from Cairo, Egypt. Let us find out his journey to success as we go through in this interview. Read […]


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