Interview with Illustrator Diana Renjina
Interview with Illustrator Diana Renjina

Diana loves drawing so much that makes her become an illustrator. As an illustrator, she wants to explore more on working with graphic and web design. In this interview, you will know how brilliant she is and her works with some tips of what makes a good illustrator, good.

Interview with Graphic Designer Jirka VääTäinen

Jirka VääTäInen is a graphic design graduate from the Arts University Bournemouth. He is a very passionate lover of graphic design, photography, digital art, illustration and all kinds of visuals. Also, he is a very talented artist wherein some of his works gone viral in the internet. Learn more about him in this interview.

Interview with Illustrator Carolina Fuenmayor

Carolina Fuenmayor is a Colombian freelance Illustrator who likes to play with color and all its possibilities in creating bizarre masterpieces. She also has a great desire for ocean that makes her think of having a very close relationship with it and that she can't leave it behind in her images. She believes that space is another […]

Interview with Illustrator Karolina Pajnowska

Karolina Pajnowska is a Polish architect who is currently working in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is so dedicated in developing her skills to making them something more than just a hobby.  Explore more of the inner workings of Karolina’s creative mind in this interview

Interview with Illustrator Elwira Pawlikowska

Elwira Pawlikowska is an Illustrator from Poland who has some of the most popular projects on Behance. She was surrounded by art since childhood. Her genuine interest in making illustrations began when she came contact with fantasy games and books in high school. Read on and get to know more about this inspiring illustrator. 

Interview with Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Lettering Artist Bhima Bagaskara

This interview features an Indonesian illustrator, graphic designer and lettering artist Bhima Bagaskara. He may not have the basic academic in graphic design or have not studied from any art related institute but he can show you his amazing skills in the world of art. Read on and see more of Bhima’s work!