Interview with Graphic Designer and Photographer Jorge Bolaños
Interview with Graphic Designer and Photographer Jorge Bolaños

Jorge Bolaños is a Colombian senior graphic designer and a enthusiast photographer who loves all things that are related to art. In this interview, you will know more on how did he turn into who he is right now. Enjoy!

Interview with Illustrator Fil Dunsky

"Never grow up." The quote is a testament to the unbound creativity of artists. Because of this they are able to explore and create great and wonderful things. I had the honor of being able to interview a very cool illustrator whose funny, naive, and uplifting works that call the inner child in you is […]

Interview with Photographer and Digital Artist Frederico van Zeller

Today's interview features a skilled photographer and digital artist, Frederico van Zeller. He shot a lot in film where he slides mostly and miss them a lot to the extent that he gets the anxiety of waiting to see if he had the right exposure just to capture the right moment and the right pose of […]

Interview with Digital Artist Andy Walsh

Andy Walsh is a 36 year old digital artist from United Kingdom. He creates images through various 2D and 3D methods. He admitted that he was the laziest when he was younger and was always choosing the shortcuts. It took him ten years to finally realize that the only way to get a good career is […]

Interview with fine artist and illustrator Chris Murray

Chris Murray is a fine artist and illustrator from a small Upstate New York town. He has worked with numerous clients such as Marvel Comics, Avalanche Studios, Paramount Pictures, The NY Times, and many more. Join us for the interview and be inspired by him and his works. Enjoy!