20 Inspirational Images by Photographer/Graphic Designer Speranza Casillo
20 Inspirational Images by Photographer/Graphic Designer Speranza Casillo

Our interview for today features Graphic designer/Photographer Speranza Casillo. She had gathered several awards for her work, including the PWI as the Best Artist of the Year, and the Budget Oscar, promoted by Ferpi – Italian Public Relations Federation. She is a very passionate designer, and she shares this passion through her projects. Each piece […]

15 Absolutely Breathtaking Landscape Photos by Jakub Polomski

Hello Jakub! We'd like to know more about you. Can you tell us something about yourself? I live in Cieszyn - small town in the south of Poland. I am 26 years old. I work as a graphic designer in marketing department of building company and photography for now is my hobby. How did you […]

16 Old-Style Photographic Works by Cally Whitham

Photographic artist Cally Whitham is known for her use of romantic light that brings out the aesthetic value of her subjects. Her subjects are depicted in an almost surreal ambiance, making her work resemble a real oil painting. This interview will show you her deep sense of beauty and how she translates her visions into […]

11 Beautiful Photography Works by Christopher Jonassen

This interview features world renowned fine art Photographer Christopher Jonassen. A real visionary, he transforms ordinary, everyday things into visually stimulating works of art. His talent and passion is truly incomparable as can be seen in his work. Read on and be amazed by this talented photographer!

Interview with Photographer Danny Santos II

Our interview feature for the day is street photographer/graphic designer Danny Santos II. Based in Singapore, he is known for his magnificent project, “Portraits of Strangers”. Read on and get to know more about Danny and his experience as a street photographer.

Interview with Underwater Photographer Dmitry Miroshnikov

Dmitry Miroshnikov is an amazing Photographer from Moscow, Russia. His works highlight the breathtaking beauty of worlds underwater. Find out more about this talented photographer and underwater photography in this interview.


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