Interview with Digital Artist Sebastien Hue

Interview with Digital Artist Sebastien Hue
Interview with Digital Artist Sebastien Hue

Sebastien Hue aka Shue13, is a self-taught french digital artist who lives in Paris' suburb. He started around 4 years ago when inspired by the likes of Dylan Cole. Sebastien decided to teach himself the ins and outs of digital painting, initially starting out with Photoshop. Let us get to know him more in this interview.

What first inspired you to become an artist?

Well, the process of creation artistically speaking has always been deep inside of me since I was a kid. This is something I need to do, to express or stimulate my positive or even negative imagination. So it did not come from an inspiration but rather from a need I would say.


In what ways do you think digital arts is important to society?

Art is important to society, this is freedom of speech ad expression. I’m french and we are actually going through terrible acts against this freedom with terrorism and the Charlie Hebdo attack you probably heard about. This is murder against art, so yes art is important to society. Digital art is even more important because digital is the future, so it helps the society to stay up to date.


Your Behance profile says that you are a self taught artist, what pieces of advice can you give when it comes to character design especially in the body proportion? What are your techniques in getting them right?

Being self-taught artist is really an initiatical journey in which you are most of the time alone. Fortunately nowadays it is much more easier to be self-taught as social media, internet and online tutorials help you grow, help you easily connect with great artists. Still motivation needs to be stronger than all. Hard work is the main advice I can give. I’m struggling right now with character design because the design of environments, the knowledge of perspective, good composition or else have been much more easier to grasp for my brain than getting good sense of proportion for the body, paint an entire face from scratch. This is two different fields and as a self-taught artist you always need to judge yourself and determine your weaknesses to grow and work even harder on it. My techniques in getting them right is practicing all the time, observe all the time and get the techniques from great character artist, see how they do such or such things. Find good sources of inspiration and analyse their tricks. This applies to environment as well.

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