There’s a cool new effect in town called a bokeh bomb. These Photoshop actions by SparkleStock let you add absolutely beautiful bokeh in just two steps.

Bokeh Bomb Photoshop Actions (Lite)

These Photoshop actions can be used in two ways:

  • Create a bokeh bomb around the main object
  • Add bokeh to the background

How to use: Play the first action then paint over the main object. If you just want to add bokeh to the background, paint thin lines where you want the bokeh to appear. Play the Step 2 action and you’re done!

Pro Version

If you’re looking for more, upgrade to the pro version which gives you 7 more styles and bokeh in larger sizes (useful for high-res photos). The pro version also comes with 180 bokeh overlays and 20 bokeh gradients.

  • Small Bokeh
  • Medium Bokeh
  • Large Bokeh
  • Contrast Style
  • Sunset Style
  • Black Light Style
  • Retro Style
  • Tungsten Style
  • Daylight Style
  • CMY Style
  • Caramel Style
  • Bonus: 180 Bokeh Overlays
  • Bonus: 20 Bokeh Gradients

Free Pro Version

Update: All free copies have been redeemed. Congratulations to the ones who were able to get it!

Thanks for reading this post. We have 10 copies of the pro version for free. Simply add Bokeh Bomb to your cart then checkout with the discount code photoshoptutorialsfree to receive 100% off the product.

Note: If the discount code doesn’t work, it means that it has been used up. These free offers are usually gone by the first day.