Half Sepia
Half Sepia

Add a modern sepia tone to your photos. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add a sepia tone specifically to the highlights or shadows of an image.

Digital Flash

Brighten dark areas of a photo like a fill-flash. This effect burns bright areas and dodges dark areas to make photos look closer to what we naturally see with our own eyes.

Edge Sharpening

Sharpen the edges of a portrait without sharpening the skin. This sharpening technique detects edges and applies sharpening only to the edges.

Keying Green Backdrops

Separate objects from green backdrops with presicion and control. Learn how to mask fine strands of hair and a translucent glass cup.


Smooth and reduce details without losing edges. This contemporary effect is great for hiding flaw in portraits.

Raw vs JPEG

Learn the pros and cons of Raw and JPEG files and find out why it's not always better to shoot Raw. What is Raw, or RAW? You may have seen Raw spelt in all capitals like RAW. Both ways of spelling is correct, but don't mistaken the word for an acronym. Raw is basically the […]