How to Create a Beautiful Audio App User Interface

How to Create a Beautiful Audio App User Interface

While you're on the red shape layer, hit Ctrl+Alt+G for clipping mask. Then add a layer mask and using soft black brush erase the top right area (so you get only a touch of red light on the bottom).

Then use Pen Tool (P) and draw a play symbol shape.

Select the play shape, rightclick on it and pick Paste Layer Styles again. Use clipping mask (Ctrl+Alt+G).

Now go back to one of the buttons you made earlier, duplicate the gloss layer and drag it to our play button. Use clipping mask (Ctrl+Alt+G) to make it bounded by the inner black circle.

Then hold Ctrl and rightclick on the black shape layer's thumbnail. When the selection appears, rightclick and select Stroke. Pick 1 px stroke and inside the selection.

Use Eraser Tool (E) and erase the bottom line of the stroke as indicated. You might also lower the opacity of that stroke a bit.

Now got to the white circle that we made in the beginning of this step, add a layer mask to it and using soft black brush erase the top part of the white so that the bottom left gets a nice edge light.

Step 67

Duplicate the play button 2 times (Ctrl+J), but get rid of the color shape layer and change the symbol in the center. Use Pen Tool (P) or Rounded Rectangle Tool (U) to do this.

Step 68

Duplicate one of the black and white round buttons and simply change the symbol inside, everything else stays the same. Again Pen Tool (P) or Rounded Rectangle Tool (U) to do this. You can also use Custom Shape Tool (U) and find already created shape to fit in your button.

The final result is totally up to you now. I've duplcated the track names, rotation buttons and the gap lines to make a full list of songs - as it's displayed in the final outcome.

Final Results

Tutorial by Wojciech Pijecki

Thanks for reading the tutorial all the way til the end. I hope you learned some good and useful techniques that will help you now creating some outstanding music interface designs of your own!

- Wojciech

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  1. The instructional exercise was extremely useful… Here I figured out how to make a UI of an applications. I'm extremely grateful to you.

  2. This tutorial was really helpful... Here I learned how to make an user interface of an apps. I'm really thankful to you.

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