Create an Underwater Scene of a Mermaid

Create an Underwater Scene of a Mermaid
Change blending mode to Overlay, decrease opacity to 20%.

Step 54

I'll show you, how to make your image deeper. Add new layer. In your color picker set green and black colors. Then, from top menu choose Filter > Render > Clouds.
Change blending mode to Soft Light, also decrease opacity to 20%.
Then, from top menu choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur...

Step 55

This step is optional. Add new layer. Pick Sparkles brush and draw some sparkles around your mermaid. Use white color.
Set blending mode of this layer to Soft light. Layer will inherit colors of the rest of image.

Step 56

Again add new layer. Use the same brush (Sparkles, white color) and set bigger size. Draw some strokes around tail.
Now set blending mode to Vivid light. Decrease opacity to 33%..

Step 57

You should fix Brightness/Contrast. Add Adjustment layer.

Step 58

Optional - add Hue/Saturation adjustment layer. It will fix all colors.

Step 59

In your color picker set as primary color some green or blue (as your wish!), add adjustment layer with radial Gradient fill.
At the end, change blending mode to Multiply.

Final Results

Download the PSD

Tutorial by msRiotte

Thank you for following this tutorial! You are amazing. Write if you have questions! :). Personally I am graphic designer from Poland. See my portfolio here: I'm also on Facebook: here!- msRiotte

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  1. Next time I am looking at some downtime with photoshop, I will be trying this tutorial out. Thanks for posting the steps so clearly!

  2. That's totally amazing! I want to try to make one tomorrow. If nothing else, I'm going to learn a ton of new stuff about adjustment layers (haven't been using photoshop for many years, and never knew about them). Thanks a lot for your effort in making this tutorial!

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