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Combine a Crocodile with a Car to Create an Exotic Crocomobile

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  1. Mani vfx says:

    very nice tutorial………..

  2. hicham says:

    think you very mash for your tutorial :)

  3. Kentish says:

    Loredana…i love You :x

  4. razor1911bd says:

    Very Nice! Tutorial. Can U send me your email ID or Chat ID
    for further support & help in PS

    Thanks from Bangladesh

  5. razor1911bd says:

    Nice Tutorial. can u send me ur mail ID or chat id for further help in PS


  6. lucas says:

    looks awesome! I’ll try to do my version this weekend.

  7. henrytulip says:

    What on earth is this supposed to be its not surreal its just stupid. What a waste of time. Surprised that this was even considered to be a credible tutorial.Absolute pants!

  8. Steven says:

    This is a very interesting tutorial on creating the worlds only car, with a crocadile exterior. Good read.

  9. Zachery says:

    How about making a tut on how to combine a bat with a car? :P

    1. Mankrikscow says:

      i see what you did there!:D

  10. azmat says:

    dangerous the girl is so dangerous. Thanks for the detailed tutorial.

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