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Composite a Modern Matte Portrait in Photoshop


Duplicate this layer and place it at the another side, transform it using Cmd/Ctrl+T:


Step 22

On a new layer, use a hard white brush to spot on the intersection of the lines:


Add a layer mask and blur some dots as shown below:


Step 23

Open the circular design pack. Rasterize the sets as done in the step 12. I chose one from the sets 1 and placed it at the right side:


I used Color Balance and Hue/Saturation to change its color:



Add another circle to another side of the model and use Hue/Saturation for it:


Step 24

Continue adding more the circles and match their color with the background using adjustment layers:

feeling24 feeling24afeeling24b feeling24cfeeling24d

Step 25

I added one circle to the one of the model arms and blur its opacity using a layer mask:


Use Hue/Saturation for this layer:


Step 26

I used three circle designs to add to the head, shoulder and arm and changed their mode to Overlay 100%. Add a layer mask to each layer and erase the unwanted details:


Use Hue/Saturation to desaturate the color effect:

feeling26b feeling26c

Step 27

Come back to Illustrator. Create a new document and use the Pen Tool to draw a random shape with black color, the troke 1 pt as shown below:


Go to Effect > Distort & Transform > Transform:


Go to Effect > Distort & Transform > Pucker & Bloat:


Click the same links, choose Zig Zag:


We have this result:feeling27d

Resize it down to fit the document:


Save it as an EPS file.

Step 28

Open this file in Photoshop and rasterize it. Place this shape under one circle, also set this layer under the model one:


Step 29

Time for Illustrator again. Create a new document and draw two shapes as shown below (you can draw the first then duplicate it, transform):


Go to Effect > Distort & Transform > Transform:


Go to Effect > 3D > Revolved:

feeling29b feeling29c

Apply Pucker & Bloat:


Go to Effect > Warp > Arc Upper:

feeling29e feeling29f

Save it as an EPS file.

Step 30

Open this wireframe in Photoshop and rasterize it. Place it over the model head and change the mode to Overlay 100%:


Add a mask to this layer and clear any unecessary parts:


Step 31

Make a new layer on the top. Use the splatter brushes with the color #2f2f33 to paint on the flower on the head then use a soft black brush on its layer mask to blend it with the flower:


Continue using these brushes with the same color to add to the flower and the model arm. I changed the brush layer mode on the arm to Overlay 100%:


Step 32

Make several layers on the top and change the brush color to #413338. Paint them on and around the model, deer, circles. I changed the brush layers mode on the face and shoulder to Overlay 100%:


Step 33

We finished adding the elements, now it’s time to change the color and mood. Create a Gradient Map adjustment layer on the top:


Change this layer mode to Soft Light 100%:


Step 34

I used Brightness/Contrast to reduce the lightness of the image:



Step 35

I used Color Balance to add some cold tone to the scene:

feeling35 feeling35a

Step 36

I used Curves to change the image atmosphere:



Step 37

Final step: I used Hue/Saturation to alter the color:

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