Photo Manipulation

Create a Emotional Midnight Photo Manipulation with Painting-Like Effects


Create an other layer and set it Soft Light (Opacity and Fill 70%). Pick the color #96dce0 and paint some lights at the bottom of the manipulation. (Below you can see where exactly). This time you have to use a soft brush since we’re not going to add any blur.


This is the result so far.


Step 11 – Contrast

Add a Curves Adjustment Layer and select the ‘Linear Contrast’ from the presets.



Step 12 – Dodge & Burn

We are going to work on lights and shadows with Dodge Tool and Burn Tool.

Create a new layer and set it to Overlay. Go to Edit > Fill > 50% Gray.

Take the Dodge Tool and give life to lights. Look at the image below. I used Midtones as Range (Exposure 10%/15%) for the areas with soft white. I used Highlights Range where white is more vivid.

Take the Burn Tool (Midtones as Range – Exposure 10%/20%) and paint shadows where you see dark strokes in the image below.



Step 13 – Final Adjustments

If we are happy with the result (I only added some hair) we are going to merge layers to apply some filters. (Press Shift+CTRL+ALT+E)

Go to Filters > Lens Correction. A window will pop up. In the Custom menu set the amount of Vignette at -20.



Duplicate this layer. Go to Filter > Other > High pass I use this filter to sharpen details (Generally between 1px and 3px). When you’re done set the layer to Overlay.


Create a new layer. With a soft white brush paint the two dots in her eyes.

Final Results


Download the PSD

Moonlight | 51.08 MB

Download from Website

Authors Comment

profileThank you for reading my tutorial. I hope it helped you. If you want to see more artworks made by me, check my art page

– Fabrizio Panattoni

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