How to Create This Amazing Artwork of a Great Enchantress in Photoshop


Step 31

Now change the blending mode for this layer. Click the Advanced tab, click on the layers. In drop-down list, select “Overlay”.


Step 32

Here is the result of the work done.


Step 33

Now I wanted to add brightness and blueness of the water and falls to combine composition. For our work needs bright colored water, it will give liveliness picture. So, create a new layer. Click on the new layer icon in the Layers panel or the short key Shift+ Ctrl+ N. The new layer should be under a layer with small waves.


Step 34

Select a Brush Tool (B) with these settings: Size: 150px, Hardness: 0% Opacity: 100%, Flow: 100%. Set the color # 2c8ed2 and paint on the layer in places where there is water. Be sure to paint the waterfall and place seam texture waves and waterfalls. Change the brush size for more convenience.


Step 35

Now change the blending mode for this layer. Click the Advanced tab, click on the layers. Drop-down list, select “Color”.


Step 36

Our amphitheater is ready! Here’s how it has turned out at me. Now we will add a small item and proceed to the most interesting part of our image. Merge all layers in the group and name it “Ocean”.


Step 37

Add Stone lamps to our image. Go to file – Open or the short key Ctrl+ O. Locate the file with torches in the Chinese style, select it and click Open.


Step 38

Now select the Quick Selection Tool (W) of the toolbar and draw the lantern. If you need to remove some of the region, which are not included in the selection, hold Alt and remove them.


Step 39

Now select the Move Tool (V). Move the cursor to our selection. He should change (scissors appear below). Grab the selection and pressing the button drag it into the document.


Step 40

Wow! So big for our picture! Well, nothing we now reduce it. Click the short key Ctrl+ T and reduce it to the desired size. Do not forget to clamp the Shift to proportional transform the object.


Step 41

Now we need to duplicate the layer with the luminaire. Click the short key Ctrl+ J.


Step 42

Combine these two layers in the group. Select both layers by holding shift and pressing Ctrl+ G or drag the selected layers to the group icon and release them. Change the name of the group on “Statue”.


Step 43

What would make a magical tint of our work we need to place lights strictly at the same height. Therefore, we need a ruler! Go View>Rulers, or press the short key Ctrl+ R. This command shows the ruler, and removes them



Step 44

When the ruler appeared, select the Move tool (V). Move to the top line, hold RMB, and drag to 1/3 from the bottom of the figure. Appear thin turquoise guide. You can always remove it.


Step 45

When exposed rail in position, go to our lamps. Move Tool, drag the lamp on the stone wall so that the bottom rail touched. To move exactly along rail the light clamp Shift.


Step 46

Now for the second lamp. Transform the second lamp. Click the short key Ctrl+ T.  Then press the RMB and the drop-down list, select “Flip Horizontal”.

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  1. I would like to know if there is a difference with the photoshop version your using and adobe photoshop elements 10? I was trying to follow this step by step but my version is different please help.


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