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How to Create This Amazing Artwork of a Great Enchantress in Photoshop


Step 128

Do, a new layer is the same with the right butterflies.


Step 129

Now let us work on the fire. Apply to each layer of motion blur effect, for this go to Filter> Blur > Motion blur. In the window that appears, set the following settings for the left layer



For the right layer:


Create another new layer and repeat the application of fire, but now do not blur it.

Step 130

Now add shine and light the fire on the wings of butterflies. Create a new layer. Take the brush with these settings. Choose a color № ffb400 Remember this layer is above the rest. Now carefully draw the fire and the wings of butterflies. Do not paint over them completely. Green shows where I was putting color!


Step 131

Change the blending mode for this layer. In the Layers list, select the mode Saturation.


Step 132

Create new layer and repeat the application of fire. Take Brush Tool (B). Set these settings: Size: 75px, Hardness: 0% Opacity: 60%, Flow: 100%. Choose a color # ebb032.
Add a mask to remove the group part of the lamp with the same brush that you did fire.


This will give the depth of the fire. The figure shows the result.


Step 133

Now add sparks Go to File>Place and select image with sparks. Create a new group and place added file there. Reduce the size of pictures that sparks were not so big and tilt them slightly.


Step 134

Duplicate the layer with the sparks turned 3 times, the short key Ctrl+ J. Place two layers of the right so that sparks flew from butterflies to the water. Place the remaining two layers left.


Step 135

Change the blending mode for the group with sparks on Screen.


Step 136

Now add a mask to a group with sparks and remove excess. In places where it ends texture could remain flat edge of the image, remove it.


Step 137

Combine all groups with butterflies, fire and sparks in one group and call it “Butterfly” the short key Ctrl+ G


Step 138

So, you do not interfere with work sparks and butterflies make them invisible by clicking the eye icon next to the desired item. Now we transform the dress model. Add a mask to the group with the model.


Step 139

Invert the mask the short key Ctrl+ I. Take Brush Tool (B). Set these settings: Size: 150px, Hardness: 0%, Opacity: 100% Flow: 100%. Make the main color is white. First press D for the establishment of standard colors, and then X for their switching.


Step 140

Restore white model, but the bottom of the dresses we almost did not restore. Change the value Opacity of brush to give just a hint of texture and color.


Step 141

Create a new group, name it «smoke», and create a new layer. Take Brush Tool (B). Set these settings: Size: 1700px, Hardness: 0% Opacity: 100% Flow: 100%. Choose a color # c51711. Choose a smoke brush, which is show in figure or another of your choice. image157

Step 142

Click once somewhere in the middle bottom of the dress mid brush.


Add a mask to the group with the smoke and remove the smoke near the water where her dress model

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