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How to Create an Amazing Watercolor Artwork in Photoshop

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  1. Akram Mellice says:

    very nice tutorial, i’ve followed it with couple of changes, you can see the result on my 500px:

    thanks again!

  2. Akram Mellice says:

    very nice tutorial, I’ve done it with couple of changes. you can see it on my 500px:

    thanks again!

    1. Anonymous says:


    2. Anonymous says:

      I really want to see your work but the link isn’t working :(

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. parveztrina says:

    Your tutorial is so easy to understand and you express it very cleanly. Photoshop is really a wonder

  5. Rob says:

    This looks difficult

    1. Jonathan Deitch says:

      It’s not. I completed a photograph in under 2 hours. It’s mainly layering watercolor paint images, set to multiply and mask out what you don’t want; in a nutshell.

      See it here:

  6. Walter says:


  7. Garrett (Zef) says:

    hmm similar to a poster i made back in July

    1. Anonymous says:

      not really though

    2. michiel says:

      Naaahh this one is much better

    3. Alma says:

      Yes, you have used similar texture …but where or what is the concept of your artwork?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jenny, all I can say is WOWWWW!!!!

    Thank you!

  9. ashs says:

    is there any fees for tutorials

  10. Raouf says:

    The psd file please

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