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Create This Gorgeous Moonlight Poster of a Girl Walking on a Railway

As you draw, a cross (3) will appear on the original image while a corresponding circle (4) appears where you are drawing. With a little practice it becomes quite clear how this process works and how to achieve the best results.

TIP: If you want to achieve a real effect sample from several point or you will have patterns of skin.



Step 44

Below you can see my result. As you may notice there are some parts (outside the Model layer) that we can’t clone. Go over the Model Layer Mask and paint with black the areas you want to remove.



Step 45

Repeat this step until you removed all bracelets.


Step 46

Below you can see my layers so far.


Step 47

Now we have to merge the Clone layer with the Model layer. Right click on the Model layer and choose ‘Rasterize Layer’. It won’t be Smart Object anymore. (1) Right click on the Clone Layer and choose ‘Merge Down’. The layers are merged (2) Right click on the Layer Mask and choose ‘Add Mask to Selection’. The model will be selected. Right click on the Layer Mask and choose ‘Delete Layer Mask’. The mask disappears and you have the Model layer as it was at the beginning, but the selection is still active. (3)




Step 48

In this step we will bring back the selection and re-convert the Model layer to a Smart Object. Right click on the Model layer and choose ‘Convert to Smart Object’. Then click the Layer Mask button. We are done.


Step 49

Now the we have fixed the Model let’s scale and blend her to fit the scene. To scale the Model go Edit > Transform and choose ‘Scale’. Make the Model bigger to fit the scene. To blend the Model into the scene add a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer clipped to the Model layer.


  • Hue 25
  • Saturation -41
  • Lightness -46


Step 50

Let’s create a shadow for the Model to make the scene more real. Add a layer below the Model Layer and name it ‘Shadow below the Model’. Pick the black color. With a soft brush, with low opacity, paint a shadow like you see below.

TIP: Paint a stronger shadow under her feet. It’s a contact shadow so it has to be stronger.


Step 51

To complete our blending we will have to add some other shadow to the model. Create a new layer clipped to the Model Layer and name it ‘Shadow Model’.  Set it to Overlay with Opacity at 70%. With Black paint some show like you see below.


Step 52

Let’s enhance the background. Add a Brightness/Contrast Adjustment layer under the ‘Shadow Below The Model’.


  • Brightness 25
  • Contrast 45



Step 53

Create a new layer above the Brightness adjustment and name it ‘Color’. Set it to Vivid Light with Opacity and Fill at 80%. Now pick the colors from the background and paint colors around. Use a soft brush (The colors I used are #8caa88 and #caa851). Below you can see where I painted the colors (Layer set to Normal at 100% on the purpose to show to you). And then the result.



Step 54

Let’s complete our work on the Model with some adjustments. Add a Color Balance Adjustment Layer clipped to the Model Layer with these settings:

  • Shadows +11  +8  -4
  • Midtones +5  +8  -16
  • Highlights -17  5  -15


Step 55

Add a Brightness/Contrast Adjustment Layer Clipped to the Model Layer with these settings.

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