Photo Manipulation

Create a Horrific Flesh Eating Movie Poster in Photoshop CS6

ScreenFlow 242

ScreenFlow 243

Step 20

OK so now what we need to do is detail all the painting and mostly the edge to merge with all the textures and bring out some detail that is a bit hidden by the textures themselves. So just sample color as we have done and paint in the detail.

ScreenFlow 244

ScreenFlow 245

ScreenFlow 246

ScreenFlow 247

Step 21

Make sure you give some thickness to the skin as it doesn’t look cutout.

ScreenFlow 248

ScreenFlow 249

Step 22

And also adding some darker detail that goes into the rotting skin also helps blend everything.

ScreenFlow 250

ScreenFlow 251

Step 23

Yet very important be sure you work with the texture following the features it provides as shown here. And that is it, we concluded yet another section in our tutorial.

ScreenFlow 252

ScreenFlow 253

7. Hair and background.

Step 1

Lets start by adding a color balance layer clipped to the painting layer and adjust it as shown.

ScreenFlow 254

ScreenFlow 255

Step 2

Mask off this ;layer from where the bones are to keep them off this color influence.

ScreenFlow 256

ScreenFlow 257

Step 3

Now at this section here we need to paint in some hair to cover what we painted over the original hair. So grab the brush tool again and reduce the size to just one pixel, with transfer and pen pressure enabled on the brush palette. And start painting in a new layer.

ScreenFlow 258

ScreenFlow 259

ScreenFlow 260

ScreenFlow 264

Step 4

Now sample color from the original hair and start painting in as shown here.

ScreenFlow 261

ScreenFlow 262

Step 5

Of course there are different shades on the hair so be sure to mimic the original sampling for highlights medium and darker tones.

ScreenFlow 263

ScreenFlow 265

ScreenFlow 266

ScreenFlow 267

Step 6

Be also sure to follow how the hair falls yet also you can paint in some out of place hair. as shown.

ScreenFlow 268

Step 7

On the top we should also add some hairs out of place as shown here.

ScreenFlow 269

ScreenFlow 270

ScreenFlow 271

Step 8

OK great now lets make a duplicate of the base layer, and hide the other one just in case. Then access the color range tool sample the background and adjust it as shown

ScreenFlow 272

ScreenFlow 273

ScreenFlow 274

Step 9

The resulting selection wont be perfect, so grab the lasso tool and fix it so there is only the background in the selection.

ScreenFlow 275

ScreenFlow 276

ScreenFlow 277

Step 10

Then inverse the selection and create a mask.

ScreenFlow 278

ScreenFlow 279

Step 11

Lets create in the background a layer and fill it with blue so we can see what we are doing. Then select your brush tool and with a small enough brush lets edit the mask to get rid of the noise left behind by the color range tool.

ScreenFlow 280

ScreenFlow 281

ScreenFlow 282

ScreenFlow 283

Step 12

Once we have cleaned the mask lets replace the blue back with this image here. So scale it flip it and set it into this position.

ScreenFlow 284

ScreenFlow 285

Step 13

Then we will apply a lens blur to the background adjusted as shown here. And finally adjust the color balance of it as shown here.

ScreenFlow 286

ScreenFlow 287

ScreenFlow 288

Step 14

Then on this section that we cleaned earlier we need to touch up with some hair so go back to the hair layer and paint in as shown.

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