In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create an emotional scene using photo-manipulation skills. You’ll learn how to play with color, blend using adjustment layers and brush, add texture, work with lighting effect and more.

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Step 1

Let’s start with creating new document in Photoshop. Go to File > New .. Set its Width on 862px, Height on 1168px and Resolution on 300Pixels/Inch. Press OK.


Step 2

Now, Place Land Stock and name it “Land” As it shown.


Step 3

Place Cave Stock as it shown and name it “Cave”.


Step 4

Use Pen Tool make path around the cave as it shown.


Step 5

After Finish the path press right click and choose Make Selection and make Feather Radius 0.9 pixels as it shown.


Step 6

Now you made selection around cave as it shown.


Step 7

Click on “Add Layer Mask” Or Go to Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal Selection.


Step 8

Now You made the area inside the selection visible(white area in the mask) and the rest of area invisible(black area in the mask) as it shown.


Step 9

On the mask layer, use soft brush with (size : 145 px / hardness 50%) as it shown.


Step 10

Now make sure you are using Black color then, paint on the area which front of cave as it shown.

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