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Create a Photo Manipulation of Alice in Wonderland

Step 11

Next, we will cut out playing cards of the image. Take the lasso tool in the tool panel. We will use this tool to cut out the part.

Step 12

Highlight the desired card and press Refine Edge. Change the blending mode to Overlay (V).

So you can see where you select the unwanted piece of playing card and highlight deficiencies in the form of a white background. You can remove them by selecting the brush in this window.

Now set the settings as shown in the photo to remove the bumps and smooth edge selection.

After applying, copy Ctrl+ C cards and go to document our work.

Step 13

Create a group. Click on the Layers panel and call it “Cards”.

There insert the card. Pressing Ctrl+ V.

Step 14

After you move all the cards to the project, start them from the road. Put a few cards in the bottom left corner. You can change the size and slope hitting the short keys Ctrl+ T.

For ease of installation, unnecessary layers can turned off by clicking on the eye icon in the Layers panel. To put the right card over the other, move the layer to the desired card above the lower card. To do this, in the Layers palette, select the desired layer, grab it and move it up or down.

To road looked realistic, you arrange the cards with the slope, you can turn some and arrange them receding into the distance.

Does not necessarily have to follow my drawing. Create your own version if you want.

Step 15

Now we’ll work with the perspective. Select the group with cards and hitting the short keys Ctrl+ T. Right-click on the image and choose from the list. Should get something like the picture.

Step 16

Continue the road to the horizon. After all the changes, click the selection tool on the toolbar.

Hold Alt on keyboard and start dragging the resulting fragment road to the right place.

So you duplicate a group already made ​​part of the road.

So you duplicate a group already made ​​part of the road. Then transform this group hitting the short keys Ctrl+ T. In mode transformation, right-click on the picture and the list that appears, select Flip Horizontal.

Then so that it is smaller and approached the edge of the made road.

Step 17

Recap Step 9. In such a way to make the way to the horizon. To make way I repeated Step 9 4 times. Every new group I transformed and made smaller. Here is the result.

Step 18

Select the group with cards and add to it a layer mask to remove some parts of the cards. This will give a realistic figure and create the effect of clouds departing cards.

Step 19

Select the brush tool and use the settings: Size: 200px, Hardness: 0% Opacity: 45%, Flow: 70%. Be sure to check the main color was black. Gently pass with the brush at points of contact cards and large clouds.

Step 20

To cards looked older Add an adjustment layer to a group of cards clicking on the icon Add an adjustment layer in the list, select Curves

Step 21

Then, set the settings as shown in Figure.

Step 22

Now select any layer in the group “way” and duplicate it. Create a new group, name it « Fly cards », and place the duplicated layer in this group. This done by holding the LMB and drag the selected layer to the right place.

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