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Create a Photo Manipulation of Alice in Wonderland

Step 23

Now we transform this piece. Turn, reduce and warp fragment pressing Ctrl+ T. This will give dynamics to the movie, as it will depart from the clouds. Be the fragment as shown in the figure. Be the fragment as shown in the figure.

Step 24

Place the remaining fragments as I placed them. You need not all like me. Always coming up with something new!

Step 25

Now add a little flying card. To do this, go to File > Place and Select desired file.

Step 26

Create a new group. Name it « Small cards» move and added a little card there.

Step 27

Duplicate cards 10 times.


Step 28

Reduce card clicking hitting the short keys Ctrl+ T

Step 29

Add a layer mask to each layer and remove unwanted parts. Select tool “brush” and use the settings as shown in the figure. Press D and set black. Next, remove the unnecessary parts flying bridge card.

Step 30

Now select all three groups with all the cards and add to group hitting the short keys Ctrl+ G. Hold down Ctrl select the layer mask way and the drag it to the new group with all other.  Take the brush and remove unwanted parts flying bridges on the mask.

Step 31

I like the result! Now Let’s give our unusual work. I temporarily closed layers with flying and small cards. Therefore, it will be free to work. In order temporarily, make the invisible, click on the eye icon next to the desired group.

I want to add flying umbrellas and fans. To do this, download the Graphics umbrellas and fans. Open the picture with umbrellas and fans hitting the short keys Ctrl+ O and choose the desired image.

Step 32

Take Quick selection tool and circle the desired umbrella. For my work, I took black and red umbrellas. Once umbrella allocated, copy it hitting the short keys Ctrl+ C   or follow in Edit > Copy.

Step 33

Click on the tab with our installation and create a new group. Call it “umbrellas and fans” Create another group within the group. Call it “black umbrellas”. Paste the copied image of the umbrella hitting the short keys Ctrl+ V.

Step 34

Duplicate umbrella 3 times.

Step 35

Transform the umbrella hitting the short keys Ctrl+ T to the desired size and move it to the desired location.  To apply the changes, click Enter.

Step 36

Move the remaining umbrellas as shown and reduce each umbrella.

Step 37

Now we proceed a red umbrella. Select the desired us an umbrella, using Quick Selection Tool hotkey W. Copy it hitting the short keys Ctrl+ C.

Step 38

Go to the tab of our work and create a new group called “red umbrellas” insert it into our work hitting the short keys Ctrl+ V.

Step 39

Duplicate umbrella 6 times.

Step 40

Now transform each umbrella and move into place.

Select the first umbrella and press hitting the short keys Ctrl+ T for transformation. Reduce the umbrella and tilt it slightly.

Step 41

Transform the remaining umbrellas. Remember, the umbrella closer to the horizon, the less it. You should get something like this.

Step 42

Take a soft brush with settings Size: 75px, Hardness: 0% Opacity: 45%, Flow: 70%

Step 43

Highlight the mask group “umbrellas and fans” and remove unwanted parts of umbrellas as shown in Figure. Draw black in those places where umbrellas superimposed on a cloud. This will give the effect of airiness and realism.

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