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Create a Photo Manipulation of a Fisherman in a Lake


And here is the result:



Step 17 (Foreground for the scene)

In this step we will add foreground for the scene. We will use some water lily as the foregrounds. Open the water lily image and cut out part needed.


Place the cut out to the main scene. Scale its size and give it some Gaussian blur.


Alter the color of this water lily layer a bit by giving it hue/saturation color adjustment layer with a clipping mask.


With the same step, add more water lily to left foreground. Here is the result so far.


Step 18 (Overall Adjustments)

In this step we will set the overall color adjustment for the scene by giving it some new adjustment layers above all the other layers. Firstly, we will give it color balance set to the values given below:


Duplicate (Ctrl+J) this color balance layer and set the two layers to normal blending at 100% opacity. Here is the result:


Then, give more adjustment layer above the previous layer: Curves as set below:


Here is the result


Mask some part of the curves layer:


Finally, give the last adjustment layer: photo filter


Set this photo filter layer to normal at 80% opacity. Select all the adjustment layers to group them in a folder. I named this folder adjustments


Step 19 (Where is the moon?)

So you know what we should add to our scene now, we will add the moon. Open the moon image.


Cut out the moon and place it to the main canvas. Make sure to place this moon layer above all the other layers. Scale its size and set it to screen blending option. Here is the result:


Step 20 (Reflection of the moon light)

Next, cut out the reflection of the moon light.


Place the cut out to the main scene. Make sure to place this layer below the fisherman folder.


Set this layer to screen blending at about 80-90% opacity. Mask some parts of this cut out where needed.


Step 21 (Fisherman’s friends)

Let give the lonely fisherman some friends. Place the flying bird png image to the scene. Scale its size and position the birds flying around the fisherman. Hide some unneeded birds as the ones circled in red by masking them.



Finally, give the bird image some Gaussian blur.


Step 22 (More colors)

Create a new layer below the adjustment folder. On this new layer, paint more color of #1afcfc on the lower part of the scene. Here is the result I created.


Here is the scene will look now:


Step 23 (Shading)

I decided to darken the foreground a bit. Create another new layer above the previous color. Take a very soft round brush set to low opacity of about 10-15%. On this new layer, paint soft gray around the foreground. Here is the result I created.



Step 24 (Sharpening)

Make sure to be active on the topmost layer in the layer panel. Hit Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E to stamp all the visible layers. This will create a new single layer of the scene we have created. Convert this new layer into a Smart Object. I named this layer final result. Finally, go to filter > other > custom to give it custom filter as given below:


Here is the result


Optional Step

If we use photoshop cs 6, we can give some painting effect to the final result of the scene. While we are still active on the final result layer, go again to filter > oil paint. Set the filter as given below:

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