How to Create a Stunning Surreal Landscape

Now you can convert the layer in a Smart Object and apply the filter Gaussian blur with 2px of radius:

Step 32 – Dark

In a new layer paint with a black brush like this, the opacity can be set with the pen pressure or you can you 20%

Change the layer mode to soft light

Step 33 – Colors

Now paint the sky with orange, yellow and a bit of blue tones to give more intensity to the lighting. Use the layer in soft light mode

In soft light mode

Step 34 – Gradient Fill

Go to the menu that is in the bottom of the layers and select the icon Create New Fill or adjustment layer, and then pres at the option Gradient.

Now Select black and Yellow to to the gradient

Step 35 – Layer Mode

Change layer mode to Soft light and reduce the opacity to 20%

Step 36 – The final touch

Fill a new layer with black and go to the menu Filter – Render – Lens Flare

Press Ok and you will have something like this:

change layer mode to screen, reduce the opacity to 50% and the fill to 70%

That’s all this time.

Final Results

Tutorial by Andrea Garcia

Thank you so much for reading this tutorial, I hope this is helpful for you all. If you want to check more of my art go to

– Andrea García

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