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Create a Surreal Game of Thrones Photo Manipulation

Step 48 – Touch of yellow

With a yellow soft round brush with 20% of opacity paint around the ball and hands. Use the layer in soft light mode.


Step 49 – Light and shadow

Create a new layer and paint with black and gray. Black in the corners and gray in the middle.


Step 51 – Layer mode

Change the layer mode to soft light.


Step 52 – Color Lookup

To end this manip, you need to use some colors changes. Go the icon “create new fill or adjustment layer” at the bottom of the layers, and choose the option Color lookup.


Now choose the one with the name “fall colors” and reduce the opacity of the layer to 50%


Step 53 – Color Lookup II

Repeat the process but this time choose the color lookup “Crisp Warm look” and reduce the opacity of the layer to 30%.


Final Results


Tutorial by Andrea García

image117Thank you so much for reading this tutorial, I hope this is helpful for you all. If you want to check more of my art go to

– Andrea García

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