Photo Manipulation

How to Create a Surreal Scene Full of Life in Photoshop


With the bruise removed, your image should be similar to this one:


To finish this step, as usual, create a new group to the hand and its shadow. Name the group Hand.


Step 14: Add the floating window

Open the window image and use the Pen Tool(P) to make 4 lines around the window.


Then, right click inside the path you just made and click in Make Selection


Set the Feather Radius to 0px and click OK.


Copy and paste the window into our scene. Resize it using the Free Transform Tool and check in the image below the placement.


Now select the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and make rectangles in the window as shown in the image below. Remember that if you hold Shift while making the selection, you’ll only be able to make squares, not rectangles, so you have to hold Shift only after you’ve finished a selection and it’s going to start another one.


After you selected everything except for the window frame, go to Select > Save Selection and name your selection Window Frame.



Now open the Premade Background, press Ctrl/Command+A to select all of it, and copy and paste it into our scene. Resize it with the Free Transform Tool and place it in the window we added before.



After the background is in place, go to Select > Load Selection and select the Window Frame selection we created before.



With the Window Frame selection on, click in the ‘Add layer mask’ button to add a layer mask to the premade background.


With the premade background added, your image should now look like this:


Now let’s add a Black and White Adjustment Layer (non-destructively). In the Black and White Adjustment Layer, select the Green Filter, clip it to our premade background and change the layer opacity of this adjustment to around 30%.



Your image should be similar to this one now:


Back in our window layer (in my case it’s layer 16), double click it to open the Layer Style options.


Now we’re going to add a Drop Shadow, an Outer Glow and an Inner Glow to our image. Check the images below for reference.




We’re finished with the window, your image should be similar to this one:


Now group (Ctrl/Command+G) the window frame and background into a new group called Window.


Step 15: Add the ladder

Open the ladder image and use the Pen Tool (P) to select it. Make a big path around the whole ladder, and then start making paths between the steps and other details.


After you made all the paths, right click in the ladder and click in Make Selection like we did earlier in this tutorial. Leave the Feather Radius at 0px and click OK. Then copy and paste it into our scene. After that, use the Free Transform Tool to resize the ladder and place it in the back of the turtle like shown in the image below:


Now create a new group called Ladder and place this layer inside.


Step 16: Add the girl climbing the ladder

Open the Girl 2 stock image and select her with the Quick Selection Tool(W). Don’t worry too much about her hair, we’ll fix that later.


Now copy and paste the girl into our project, and use the Free Transform Tool to resize her and place her in the ladder.


We’re going to change her hair like we did with the other girl. Select the Smudge Tool with a brush size of 1px and 90% Strength, and start to click and drag her hair around following the image below:



Right now your image should look similar to this:

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