Photo Manipulation

How to Create a Surreal Scene Full of Life in Photoshop



Your balloons should look like this now:


To finish this step group the three balloons in a new group called Balloons (really original huh).


Step 12: Add the ribbons holding the balloons

Let’s start this step by creating a new group called Ribbons and placing it between the Right Girl group and the Picture group. Leave the ribbons stock open because we’ll use it again later.

To create a new group just click the ‘Create a new group’ button.


Now open the ribbons stock and use the Quick Selection Tool to select the third one (that’s the only one we’re going to use).


Paste it into our scene and resize it using the Free Transform Tool(Ctrl/Command+T). Place it in the hands of our girl in the right.


Now go into the Free Transform mode again, right click the ribbon and select Warp.


Our goal is to make the ribbon bend so it looks like the girl is actually holding the balloon. See the image below for the steps:



Now go back to our ribbon stock and copy and paste the red ribbon again into our image. Resize it and place it in the same place as the other one in the beginning.


Go into the Free Transform mode again and increase the height of the ribbon. There will be three squares in the top part of our ribbon, select the middle one and drag it to increase the height. Take a look at the image below:


Now do the same thing we did with the other ribbon. Right click the ribbon, select Warp and make it look like its pulling the balloon.



With two ribbons your image should be similar to this one:


To add the third ribbon the process is exactly the same as the others. Go into our stock, copy and paste the ribbon for the last time, resize it and place in the same position as the others in the beginning.


We’re going to increase the height of this one too. Go to the Free Transform mode and pull the middle square of the top section again to increase its height.


While in the Free Transform mode, click with the right mouse button in the ribbon and select Warp. Warp it to make it look like its holding the first balloon.



With all the ribbons, your image should be like this now:


If you created the Ribbons group in the beginning and placed all the ribbons in it, you should have this group now.


Step 13: Add the hand pushing the balloon

Open the hand stock and select it with the Quick Selection Tool (W).


Paste it into our scene and go to Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal.


Now resize it using the Free Transform Tool and place it in the right corner of our image, on the top.


Create a new layer by clicking in the ‘Create a new layer’ button (you can also press Ctrl/Command+Alt/Option+Shift+N to create a new layer). Then, rename it to ‘Shadow’ and place it behind the hand layer.


Paint the shadow using the image below as reference.


Open the Balloons group and while holding Ctrl/Command click in the thumbnail of the second balloon (the one underneath the hand). We have to do this to make sure that the Gaussian Blur doesn’t make the Shadow go over the sky.


Now add the Gaussian Blur effect by going to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set a radius of 5px.


Your image should now look like this:


I don’t like that little imperfection we have in our hand stock, so we’re going to remove it. Select the Spot Healing Brush Tool (J) and with the hand layer selected, click in that bruise.

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