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How to Create This Mystical Scene and Add Makeup to a Girl in Photoshop


Step 19 – Shadows and Light

Add some shadows and light behind the model. To do that create two different layers paint one with a soft round brush color black, and the other with white.


Step 20 – Layers mode.

The layer you paint with the white brush use it in soft light with 60% of opacity


And the layer you paint with black just reduce the opacity to 85%


Step 21 – Legs

Make the model’s legs less darker, to do that select the legs with the lasso tool (L). and the press Ctrl+J to duplicate the selection.


Step 22 – Layer mode

Change layer’s mode to Screen and reduce the opacity to 60%.


Step 23 – Select the Skin

Now select the model’s skin using the lasso tool once again, duplicate the selection pressing Ctrl+J.


Step 24 – Less Saturation

Go to the menu Image – Adjustments – Hue/ Saturation (Ctrl+U) and in the option saturation use: -30


Step 25 – The eyes

Paint over the eyes with a soft round brush 2px in a blue tone. Also paint details with black and white.


Step 26 – Lips

Go to model’s original layer select the lips with the lasso tool and change the color to soft pink (Ctrl+U).


Change the layer mode to Multiply and reduce the opacity to 50%


Step 27 – Brighter

To give to the lips a glossy look duplicate the layer you used before and use it in soft light mode.


Step 28 – Blush

Add a new layer, choose multiply mode, then paint over the model’s cheeks with a round soft brush in a pink tone. Remember to reduce the opacity of the brush to 70%.


Step 29 – Reduce Opacity

Reduce layer opacity to 50%


Step 30 – Eyebrows

Paint over the model’s eyebrows with a soft round brush in a brown tone, and then pass the blur tool to make it softer.


Step 31 – Eye shadows

Paint with a soft round brush in a purple tone the eye shadow.


Step 32 – Change mode

Use layer in multiply mode and change the opacity to 70%


Step 33 – Hair

Choose hair brushes, to add more strand and make the hair more natural. Also you can pass the blur tool over the strands to get them softer.


Repeat the process several times until you get the desired result.


Step 34 – Freeform Pen tool

Add a new layer (Shift + Ctrl +N) and pick the Freeform pen tool. Make some strokes over the model’s face and cloth.


Step 35 – Brush

Make sure your brush is set with a white soft brush of 2px or 3px cause you are going to use that for the strokes made with the freeform pen tool.


Step 36 – Strokes

Now pick once again the freeform pen tool and press right click, choose the option stroke path on the menu.


Then choose the option Simulate pressure brush and press ok.


Step 37 – Fixing Strokes.

You are going to have the strokes like this:


To fix then pick the blur and the smudge tool to make them softer and to move the shapes to get a better result like this one:


Step 38- Less opacity

Reduce the opacity of the layer to 60%


Step 39 – Light and shadow

Like you did before on the step 19 add two layers one from the lights and the other one for the shadows and paint both with soft round brushes, the lights with white and the shadows with black.

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