The only thing that is stopping us from highly recommending it is its price tag – at $250 for the standard and $400 for the professional version, it’s a hefty sum for many artists. You can buy a lot of premade Photoshop addons on Creative Market or GraphicRiver for that price but if custom filters is what you need, there’s no better software than Filter Forge. At the date of this review, the plugin is 50% off which makes the price much more in line with what we think people are willing to pay. A new version of Filter Forge 4 is also in the making but you might save money by buying Filter Forge 3 now at half price and preordering the upgrade to Filter Forge 4. Overall, it’s an exceptional software that we think every designer should try out with the 30-day free trial.


  • 9000+ texture and effect filters to choose from
  • Create your own filters easily without any coding
  • Works with Photoshop as a plugin or by itself as a standalone app
  • A new version of Filter Forge is coming out and it may be cheaper to buy it now at 50% off and upgrade than to buy the new version at regular price.


  • Many filters crash when saving at 3000×3000 pixels or larger using the standalone app. The Photoshop plugin worked fine.
  • Complex filters can take a long time to render. All processing is done on the CPU (no GPU rendering).
  • Expensive

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Maidul Islam

its a nice work


I absolutely love Filter Forge. I use it all the time for the sheer joy of it. I adapt existing filters in the most horrendous way code wise. But the effects that I get are fascinating. Some are extremely beautiful on photos of flowers and landscapes. I got it at 75% off and it’s one of the best buys I have ever made for my digital artwork.

Umair Alam

Compile to exe,, pls add

Go away

Stop the product reviews I will not pay for anything


You don’t need to pay for a freepacks e.g.

Thad Ward

So free trial only give you the free packs?


Nope the trial works for all effects and free packs are separate from the trial. Haven’t tried but I think its like that.


It’s 60% off actually


It’s 40%, 50%, 60%, and highest I have seen is 70% off. It is constantly changing.

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