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33 thoughts on “Become a Author”

  1. Sir, I show my best work, +100 hours making for you, but it is always rejected. Why not just accepting 1, just 1? Unrespectful, please sir, do not ask for me to submit anymore sir.

    1. Hi Sonakshi,

      Irrespective of the website,you must adhere to their guidelines and quality.

      I can understand that you may have spent +100Hours.

      If you refer their archive and spend some time on their tutorials before writing then definitely, they will accept.


    2. inzi (nawab studios )

      heyy can i see your work? i wud like to send some QUICk tips but they(site) have only paypal.lets make deal i dont need of tut bt wanna creator(editor)of karizma photobook i ll pay per foto as othe people takes

    1. Photoshop Tutorials Editor

      Hi Faateh,

      Unfortunately, payments can only be made via PayPal at this time.

    1. Hey.. it’s very easy to logon to Paypal, Try it. You Should.
      Requirements : E-mail Address – Phone Number – Bank details, that’s it.

  2. Hello,i cannot upload my work :( ..
    it show OI eror ..

    how can i solve it ?

    can i contact directly ?
    thank you a lot

    1. Photoshop Tutorials Editor

      Hi Hemidry. The images you’ve submitted were taken from other designers. Please do not do this.

  3. I would like to submit a Tutorial. The final Image which I created was liked by more than 130 people, therefore I thought to do a Tutorial on it. But i am unabble to submit it. there’s a problem with your page. The Browse or upload button isnt available.
    Whta do i do?

  4. This site is the best. I’ve submitted a bunch of tuts for them and they always pay well and quickly. Denny is a great guy, and he runs a great site. If you aren’t getting accepted, you probably aren’t as great as you think you are, and don’t claim he’s stealing tuts or that this site is in any way shady or unethical. I’ll keep selling my tuts here because they offer the best value for the product.

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