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Become an Author

Want to share your tutorial with thousands of readers a day? Writing for us is a great way to promote yourself while educating thousands of Photoshop users.

We are not looking for generic article writers. Please take a look at the tutorials on our website to gain an expectation of what we're looking for.

If you think your work is a good fit for our website, please fill in the form below and let us know more about you.

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97 comments on “Become an Author”

  1. hello, I'm interested in writing for the site about drawing in photoshop.Can I ask whether there'll be compensation? thanks!

  2. I am grateful to you because your site is the best, and I hope that you will accept my request as soon as possible, because this is an irreplaceable opportunity, and thank you

  3. Hello,

    Haven't heard back about writing for the site.

    How can I get an update on my application?


    1. If accepted, we will get back to you within 5 business days (Mon-Fri). Please note that if we don't respond, it means that the application was not accepted.

  4. Question: Do you accept tutorials from programs other than photoshop? I use Clip Studio Paint since I can't afford the monthly subscription to Adobe for photoshop usage. They're very similar, but there are some differences, as with every program. Just curious, before I submit anything.

    1. Unfortunately we only accept tutorials related to Photoshop.

  5. i am very good in Article Writing specially on Opinions and case studies but unfortunately I don't have any samples the only samples which i have is of Photo editing

  6. Hi
    I am working with a company where we buy 100 the post in 1 month
    I want to work with you but before starting a business relationship Please let me know about my following questions

    What is the sponsored post price for this site ?
    Please tell me your original traffic quality?
    Are you allowed links in the old post? If yes then tell me a price for link insertion
    Please confirm you provide me at least 2 do-follow links...
    Do you accept CBD posts or not?

    Can you post free instagram follower articles sites?

    Hope you also want to work with us

  7. Are there any guidlines for writing a tutorial, and should we provide the PSD file along with our tutorial.

    1. Please do not submit a tutorial until your work is approved. Your artwork should be of similar quality to the tutorials on this website. If approved, you'll receive a response from us with more details.

  8. Are you still accepting articles and tutorials? Is there a criteria or any guidelines that need to be followed?

  9. Hi. Just enquiring if you still accept photoshop tutorials. How long does it take for you to reply back to me once I submit an article?

  10. I'm an author who made a tutorial for this site before. I was wondering if you guys were still accepting new tutorials?

    1. Hi Zeke, we are still accepting tutorials but some things have changed since. Feel free to submit an application if you are interested.

  11. Hi I'm looking forward for this opportunity i love to make photoshop tutorials of cinematic lighting manipulation and composition please reply as soon as possible thank you

  12. Thanks for reply, How to know if it has been rejected? Will you email or tell me in some other way.

  13. I hope that itll accept my request altough my feedback is great it works really great its website anmation also good please ill get a job confarmation plz

  14. I can teach teach from the tools... tricks... and how PS can be very useful and amazing as a tool for both professional and personal projects. also I can show how to do things in multiple ways inside PS.

    Work around on things is also thing that I believe is very interesting in our tutorials.

  15. I dont know why this application part of this page is not working correctly.

    I can teach teach from the tools... tricks... and how PS can be very useful and amazing as a tool for both professional and personal projects. also I can show how to do things in multiple ways inside PS.

    Work around on things is also thing that I believe is very interesting in our tutorials.

    also... hope i can send some samples.


  16. I hope I can write for you in the future?

    Pls , notify me if there is any chance of me writing on the platform again?

  17. Hello, can you please take a loon on my submission? I would love to write unique tutorials for your website.


    1. Hi Tomáš,

      Thanks for sending in your tutorial pitch! Unfortunately, if you haven't received a reply within 5 business days (Mon-Fri), it means it wasn't accepted. We get a lot of submissions and can only choose the most qualified ones.

  18. I was a long time collaborator on (adrian scheff - fantmayo). After some years of not being in touch I used this form (late 2018) to re-apply as an author. It's been a month and sadly I got no response from (or Denny, altough I don't know if he still manages the website) .
    So my reasoning is that either:

    1)I didn't make the cut as an author. Still it would've been nice to receive a rejection email.
    2) doesn't accept any more new authors but keeps this Write For Us page still open. Which is not very nice.
    I remember that some years ago the Write For Us page said clearly that it doesn't accept any more tutorial submissions due to decline in photoshop tutorials interest. That was at least straightforward.

    1. Hi Adrian,

      Sorry we didn't reply to your submission. The submission form should have displayed a message saying that we'll respond within 5 business days if accepted (otherwise please consider it not accepted).

      We're still accepting applicants.

  19. I have a question; if i submit a design and i have a youtube channel can i post a speed art video of the design then add a link to the tutorial i made for you?

  20. I Definetely agree with you Öner, quality over quantity.

    I have one question: can I send you car virtual tuning tutorial?

  21. Sir, I show my best work, +100 hours making for you, but it is always rejected. Why not just accepting 1, just 1? Unrespectful, please sir, do not ask for me to submit anymore sir.

    1. Hi Sonakshi,

      Irrespective of the website,you must adhere to their guidelines and quality.

      I can understand that you may have spent +100Hours.

      If you refer their archive and spend some time on their tutorials before writing then definitely, they will accept.


    2. heyy can i see your work? i wud like to send some QUICk tips but they(site) have only paypal.lets make deal i dont need of tut bt wanna creator(editor)of karizma photobook i ll pay per foto as othe people takes

    1. Hi Faateh,

      Unfortunately, payments can only be made via PayPal at this time.

    1. Hey.. it's very easy to logon to Paypal, Try it. You Should.
      Requirements : E-mail Address - Phone Number - Bank details, that's it.

  22. Hello,i cannot upload my work :( ..
    it show OI eror ..

    how can i solve it ?

    can i contact directly ?
    thank you a lot

    1. Hi Hemidry. The images you've submitted were taken from other designers. Please do not do this.

  23. I would like to submit a Tutorial. The final Image which I created was liked by more than 130 people, therefore I thought to do a Tutorial on it. But i am unabble to submit it. there's a problem with your page. The Browse or upload button isnt available.
    Whta do i do?

  24. This site is the best. I've submitted a bunch of tuts for them and they always pay well and quickly. Denny is a great guy, and he runs a great site. If you aren't getting accepted, you probably aren't as great as you think you are, and don't claim he's stealing tuts or that this site is in any way shady or unethical. I'll keep selling my tuts here because they offer the best value for the product.

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