Step 8

Raise the opacity of the layer back to 100% in the Layers palette.

Step 9

Click and Eye icon next to Layer 1, the earth layer to turn its visibility off for now. Use the Quick Selection tool and select the area that overlaps the earth and where we’ll need to bring in front of the earth.

Step 10

Click the Eye icon next to Layer 1 again to make it visible. Go to Select>Inverse.

Step 11

Now we need to mask out the area of the earth photo where the arm is. We mask out the area instead of erasing so that if we mess up, the pixels can be brought back instead of removing them. With Layer 1 selected, click the Add Layer Mask icon on the Layers palette.

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  1. I was able to follow the steps and achieve the final result, but more explanation at each step would help us understand the tools and techniques used better. Right now, I don’t really know what Marquee or Work path does, although I used it correctly here; more explanation of these as and when they are mentioned in the steps would be very helpful!


  2. It’s great but when I add the circular text, it’s not a perfect circle, some characters are on a lower level, even though I did everything as you wrote. Also, the girl’s right hand reflects the original red ball’s shadow.