Interview with Photographer and Digital Artist Frederico van Zeller

Interview with Photographer and Digital Artist Frederico van Zeller

Interview with Photographer and Digital Artist Frederico van Zeller

Can you give us a visual of your work area? What are your tools of the trade?

The tools, are the basic, no special tricks, Photoshop, Cinema4d, Vray. For hardware, a MAC PRO and Eizo monitors! Of course a big wacom. Speakers for music and Sennheiser headphones for deep focus! This for post production and editing or CGI!
When shooting, usually profoto for lighting.
This is my office, to the left, the studio, and this is my work space!


What inspires you and what gets you in the mood for creating?

Good ideas! And good art direction! Also research. It´s a bit like detective work, lead after lead, until you get the big picture! Also music, a lots of music. Some debate about references, and then a small period of “autism” to compute all the information. And some music again!


How would you describe your creative process while producing art?

Same as above. I guess it´s more or less the same, getting in the mood and actually doing it! Although, during a shoot for instance, the process is a bit more frenetic because there is always more people involved on the advertising industry, and that creates some pressure, but I always try to relax and keep things fun. if you take all the fun out of the process, for me its not worth the effort!


Do you have a tip for beginner to intermediate photographers that will help them improve their photography?

Do your home work! Never present to a client if you are not prepared! Never go to a shoot if you are not comfortable or fully confident with something. Take chances of course, but only if you know that in the end your vision is going to result and prevail. Also make sure that every one involved knows and sees your vision! Some times the client see one thing, the producer another, the art director another, make sure every one is tuned to the same frequency. Pick your jobs proportional to your ambition!


More about Frederico van Zeller

Frederico van Zeller is a father of two beautiful children, and happily married to a wonderful woman. He feels very lucky to be able to make a living out of what he really likes to do. You can find more of artworks on his Behance profile or website.

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