Freebie: 10 Seamless Dark Concrete Textures

Freebie: 10 Seamless Dark Concrete Textures
Freebie: 10 Seamless Dark Concrete Textures

Need something to make your backgrounds more interesting? Then try out these seamless concrete textures by SparkleStock. They make your text stand out and can be used as repeatable backgrounds for websites. Give them a try!

Seamless Dark Concrete Textures

Seamless Concrete Textures

Download Seamless Dark Concrete Textures

Free Version

  • 10 Seamless Concrete Textures
  • Medium-Res


Pro Version

  • 50 Seamless Concrete Textures
  • High-Res

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10 comments on “Freebie: 10 Seamless Dark Concrete Textures”

  1. Are these still available? I've been searching the net all morning and these are perfect but all the links are not found.... Thank you!

  2. Many thanks! For anyone wondering, the jpegs are all 2048x2048 and look awesome on a retina display.

  3. please could someone send to me a PDF Photoshop tutorial guide. i just installed the photoshop software on my laptop and i need some tutorials to know how to use it effectively.

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