Create an Epic Metal Text Effect From Scratch

Create an Epic Metal Text Effect From Scratch

Step 19

Do you know, that you can mask text? Add mask to your text. I don't like glyph under "T". Just add mask and erase unnecessary fragment with hard round brush.step-0019

Step 20

Back below layer with debris brush used. Add new layer. You'll make shadow under text.step-0020Choose 765px big, soft, black brush. Draw dot on the center of image.step-0020aThen, transform it as shown (ctrl + T). Remember about step 12.step-0020bAt the end, you can decrease opacity of this layer to 50%.step-0020c

Step 21

Go above all layers. Place "Scratched steel texture". Then, click on it with RMB and choose create clipping mask.step-0021Change blending mode of this layer to Hard light.step-0021a

Step 22

Again, place "Scratched steel texture". Then, click on it with RMB and choose create clipping mask.step-0022Also, change blending mode to Overlay.step-0022a

Step 23

It's time to make glowing text. Add new layer. Pick big, soft round brush and draw dots, where light is biggest.step-0023Change opacity to 20%.step-0023a

Step 24

Duplicate glow layer (Drag and drop layer to "New layer" symbol). Change blending mode to Color dodge. Set opaticy around 25%.step-0024

Step 25

So far, so good! Add Color balance adj ustment layer.step-0025

Step 26

At the end, add Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer. And! You are done! :)step-0026

Final Results


Download the PSD

Tutorial by msRiotte

profileThank you for following this tutorial! You are amazing. Write if you have questions! :). Personally I am graphic designer from Poland. See my portfolio here: I'm also on facebook: here!- msRiotte

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