Painting “The Nightmare” in Photoshop

Painting “The Nightmare” in Photoshop

Step 21 - Adding Shadows on the Rock

And here I decided to make some new changes to the illustration. Here as you see the position of the rock must be like this now. Now I’m going to add color to the character. By the way, don’t forget at this step you don’t have to detail everything.

Step 22

At this point, I kept working on the main details and lights, until I got a nice and contrast. Sometimes I have to change some colors on the rock and delete some details of it.

Step 23

Now we can start out detailing rock. I also used the Color Dodge tool for the bright areas. This is how it looks once all the adjustments are done with the Colour Dodge and Burn tool.

Step 24

I do want some difference at the bottom of our rock. First, choose the rock layer and after that choose Edit/Transform/Warp.

Step 25

And make some changes with that. Next, from the same panel select the Warp option and some changes as I did.

Step 26

Here as you see the position of the big rock must be like this.

Step 27 - Detailing Character

Now that after finished working on the rock and the clouds I have decided to add more details to my little cartoon girl character. Here let me show you my basic coloring for my character. I have just closed the sketch layer for the see how is looking at my character painting. I can start to add details. In this step, I started with detailing clothes of my character.

Step 28

I can start to add more details. Here I have opened and pulled the basic sketch for you to see how it is looking. As you see there is no much difference in the color work. Now we can again close the character sketch layer.

Final Results

And here’s the final image. I hope you found this tutorial interesting.

Authors Comment

profileI hope you found this tutorial informative, hopefully, you can use some of the techniques here for your own painting. Practice and have fun! -

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